The Black Ribbon Campaign

It seems as of recent that there is a lot of prejudism against Goths out there these days. I have created this site because I was a victim of discrimination because I am a Goth, but then I started to see that I am not the only one, & that the government is doing nothing to stop this injustice, a matter of fact they are a part of this injustice itself.

I decided to help fight for the rights, because Goths have the right to live too. This site will be constantly updated & improved on. I want to get everyone involved so we can make this world a better place for Goths everywhere.

In some of the links below you will see both the injustices that I am fighting against, & my plans on what to do about them. I have spent many hours & money on this because I truly feel that they can't do to us what they have been doing.

In the link called contact I give info on how you can contact me so I can send you free black ribbon posters & cards to hand out to people & post up so we can get our message across.
some of the laws the gov is making
someone's story of being the target of a hate crime
State of the Nation
My story
a web site trying to save three Goths that was wrongfully put to jail for life, & one sentenced to death.