Regarding Police Prejudice

Ok, I'm a little pissed off. Saturday, June 23rd, as I was leaving Silver Cross, it was just past 7, I started heading towards the Queen Station, so I could go back home. About 30 feet from the store, two cops who were leaning on their car approached me and kinda trapped me (not physically, but as I tried to get around them they blocked me into the recession to the entrance to another store)and started interrogating me.

Now let me make this clear first, there was the one cop who was the instigator, the "bad cop" as I came to call him, then his buddy, who appeared to be uncomfortable with being with this other cop. Now "the bad cop" asked me where I got my rings (I have numerous gothic rings on my right hand; full finger knight armour ring on the index, axel ankh on the middle, axel finger tip claw of death on the middle, axel tri-claw protector on the ring, then a knuckle ring on the pinky with small hinged claws) and I told him Silver Cross and pointed to the sign.

He started going into this big rant about how the rings were dangerous weapons and how I could kill people with them. Then he noticed my silver fangs (fangtastic caps) and seemed to flip out. He then frisked me for "any other wacky shit" (smokes, cuffs, lighter, general shit) then he found a small 1 1/2" pocket knife I carry ('cuz I might have use for it) then took it and started calling me a killer. I told him I just carry it in case I'll ever need it, and he said something along the lines of "don't bull shit me kid, I know what you'd use this for, cutting people, right?" then he mumbled shit about me being a psychopath, at which point he tugged on the straps on my bondage pants and mumbled "what's with you fucking kids? fucking vampires...".

He then took my ID and went to his cruiser, seriously mumbling about how "he's going to find about how many time's I've been arrested". His buddy (who, again, didn't seem to like being stuck with this guy) calmly explained that the only real problem was the rings looked dangerous and could be considered weapons. His buddy came back and said they're going to have to confiscate the knife, and I started to try to tell him that in Canada it's legal to own a concealed blade, as long as it's under 6" (and remember, this was only 1 1/2"), but as soon as I said "look, I've checked into these things" he quickly quipped , and I quote "shut the fuck up".

Then he told me they were this far away *brings thumb and index finger 1 cm apart* from confiscating my jewellery and arresting me. I again tried to tell him that my rings weren't sharp, and if they were, they're not fucking concealed, at which point he quipped "shut the fuck up" again. He then went into how they're going to have to confiscate and destroy my pocket knife, or arrest me. Not wanting to take his bull-shit any more, I said "yeah, fuck it, take it man". As he was turning to go to his cruiser, he looked at this guy Drey who was showing me around Pride and said "why isn't your friend here dressed up like it's Hallowe'en?" and I just basically said he's not a goth, then he (the "bad cop") went back to his cruiser, his buddy following behind.

My question is this: Did he have any grounds for the shit he pulled, or would I have been totally justified in shouting out "HATE CRIMES! HATE CRIMES!" in the middle of Queen St.?? Because a punk goth friend of mine back home got shit from the cops about 2 months ago about his spike collar (ending up in them confiscating and destroying the spikes). I've checked into the laws and as far as I can tell the collars and rings are all totally legit, and am REALLY confused. Please help. Thanks.