The Crow ChambeROOM Art and Poetry Contests

Are you an artist or poet who is inspired by James O'Barr's The Crow?
The Crow ChambeROOM and C3: Collective Crow Comics are hosting Monthly Art and Poetry contests where you can submit your The Crow inspired pieces.

Submissions will be reviewed by C3's Editor-In-Chief and narrowed down to 10 Finalists for each of the fallowing categories:
ArtPoetryPoetic (Art with an integrated poem)
The Finalists will be placed on the C3 website to be voted on by the Crow fans themselves.
The winning piece will be promoted along with the artist'/writer's website for a whole month.

To enter the contest submit your piece to one of these places:
Along with:
your name (or user ID/Nom de Plume)
the name/title of the piece
your website (optional)
Pieces featuring Original Characters are preferred and will usually be more highly rated in the selection of Finalists.
1 - Undedgurl: May 10, 2001
Example Here
1 - Undedgurl: May 10, 2001

The Crow © Pressman Films & J. O'Barr