Artwork: Jack DanyŠ Kemplin
Words: Jack DanyŠ Kemplin

Added: November 18, 2011
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C3 - Poetic

As The Crow Flies

As The Crow flies,
Braving the skies,
Calling out it cries,
"Don't look, Don't Look!"

Epitaphs run red,
Feathers are shed,
Graves of led,
Halved in two.

Irony's mask,
Just one task,
Kill, don't ask,
Leave them dead.

Murderers beaten,
Noses broken,
Organs ripped open,
Prayers fall on deaf ears.

Questioning "Why?"
Resurrected I try!
Salvation by,
Trauma avenged.

Unstoppable dead,
Vengeance fed.
Wounds bled.


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