Artwork: Jack DanyŠ Kemplin
Words: Jack DanyŠ Kemplin

Added: August 25, 2008
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C3 - Poetic

Cutting Away

Cutting away at the layers of what's there,
Cutting away deep inside,
Cutting, penetration, tearing,
Your wrists, arms, & thighs.
Feeling the blood flow down your flesh,
Twisting around,
Carving what's left.

The blood may seep & fall,
But that is not quite all...
We expect the emotions to leave too,
As the blade slices through.
But we are left here a hopeless wreck,
For realities deck seems quite set,
& try as we might,
It will never let,
Our dreams be truly met,
Because to Death is owed a debt.

We can never go back to before then,
Our hopes & dream destroyed by their sins.
You are now lost forever,
& perhaps I am too,
& I fall to my knees-
Knowing there is nothing I can do,
& no matter how much I try,
I can now never save you.

They stole you,
You are now gone forever,
Love lost to time,
Killed without reason or Rhyme,
But I wish I could
Only one more time
Hear your sweet voice chime.

Where did you go?
Look what they did!
I try not to think
Of all that could have been,
& the tragicness,
That this cruel world
Will never be enlightened
by the presence of our kids.

They stole you too soon,
Took you from this world,
Our relationship ended,
In the smoke of gun swirls.

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