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By Jack DanyŠ Kemplin

        Sometimes one's life comes to a sudden halt, & sometimes that happens too fast. When your life ends that is supposed to be it, your soul is supposed to be at rest. But sometimes there are things left UNFINISHED!!!

        It first hits one like a flash of light, one moment you are happy enjoying yourself & then the next everything is all wrong. It is all shattered to me, still waves & flashes, moving images & wisping sounds ring through my head. Hot, red hot, the sweet smelling sweat as it runs down her supple flesh, her golden hair grain like & course as it brushes up against me. She smiled as we danced...

        Smack! I am knocked down to the ground, they are on top of me, thrusting, penetrating, tearing, the laughs & the screams, their lipstick, & their wigs, their faces deathly skulls, “O Come on you know you love us, come on give daddy a little kiss boy!” “O I am so sorry did you really think that she loved you? Ha! How could anyone love someone like you? You know what? I think I know what it is. You like to masturbate too much! O come on admit it! I do too, but not nearly to the extent that you do! Ha!.” DejŠne!

        Yes I remember, yes! No, No I do not... It is all so blurred & fuzzy, I can only see parts of it at a time, unable to distinguish which is fact from fantasy anymore, & by the time I see the rest it is dissociated from the former thus I am always left with more questions then answers. “But that will end tonight!”

        As I softly load the gun I sing “A twiddly a dee, a twiddly a doe, count them, count them says The Crow!” I shakingly put the first bullet into the chamber “Retribution, Revenge, Redemption the three, but which one is me? Ask the black bird, ask him, ask him what does he see?” The fourth slides in, “A casket, a coffin bodies filled decaying, but who did it, who will do it? Is it me?” The last forced in with all my anger “Six of them, they are, they will be, they was, they were. But who sent them? O yeah it was HER!”