Commission Artwork

Full pencils only - no quick sketches. Artwork will be fully rendered in pencil, just as if it was going to be  for publication!
One size available -
9◊12in/22.8◊30.4cm on drawing/sketch paper.

we have no way of guessing the demand for this offer. Jack will not have time to do more than 4 illustrations per month. Artwork is paid in advance. Please allow 1-3 weeks for completion & 4 -6 weeks for delivery. Shipping, handling, insurance is $10.00 US, $25.00 international.

Jack will draw anything you ask him to, hero, animal, loved one like spouse or child, you, pets, cars, anything. As well as being drawn normal, adults can also be drawn as a existing hero (i.e. superman) or a new hero in the design that the buyer wants.

Requirements for 'likeness commissions':

* Good quality, clear, close up color photos of loved one's face a must. Different views of the face required. Delivered in high res jpeg form, or if you must, by snail mail.

* Age and height required if a child, helpful also for adults.

* Finally, these commissions are to be rated PG-13 at best. Absolutely no sick and twisted requests will be entertained!

* Jack DanyŠ Kemplin reserves the right to reject any request the he feels he can't adequately portray, in which case the client will get a full refund.

In your E-Mail provide the following information
* subject matter (such as, "Bat-Man");
* setting, if desired (such as, "on top of the Gothem city police department");
* any other desired specifications.


Pencils Only
$50.00 USD
E-Mail Jack the Info for your commission

Do to inquiries about it, Jack is now also selling drawings that he has previously drawn.

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