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  1. What is Vengeance Comics?
  2. What do I have to do to get accepted?
  3. Does VC really do print work?
  4. Will VC really pay royalties?
  5. Does VC have permission from J.O'Barr to sell VC created works?
  6. What happened with C3?
  7. Is VC willing to reunite with C3 again?

What is Vengeance Comics?

Vengeance Comics is a website that publishes Crow & Gothic themed Comics, shorts, & poetics both online & in print as well as merchandising. VC was set up to continue the goals originally set out by C3 Collective Crow Comics.

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What do I have to do to get accepted?

The answer to this question can be found at the Submission Guidelines section of this site.

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Does VC really do print work?

Yes, VC gives the readers the chance to buy print-on-demand versions of the stories they read on this site, as well as merchandise of the art.

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Will VC really pay royalties?

If the creators give us their contact information so we can send them the royalties, then we shall send them as best as we can as soon as they come in.

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Does VC have permission from J.O'Barr to sell VC created works?

I Jack DanyŠ Kemplin got permission from J.O'Barr in 2002 to sell original simi-Crow related material & merchandise as long as I pay James his do royalties from each sale.

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What happened with C3?

C3 was a project started in the early 2000's by a fan community of The Crow that posted at The Chamberoom message boards. The original goal was to create monthly Crow inspired fan comics & other works of written & visual art. The leaders of this project were Ty Gorton & Myles Leigo.

At first C3 had great success as Crow fans everywhere were submitting things all the time. In summer of 2002 Ty Gorton left C3 & when he did some spark in C3 seemed to get smaller as the longer he was gone less & less things were submitted to C3. Quickly Jack Danya Kemplin became the only person submitting anything to C3 to be released, & that relationship lasted until February 2007 when internal disputes lead to Jack Danya & C3 parting ways.

As time went on C3 continued to stagnate as no one submited new entries. Jack Danya Kemplin still loved C3 very much & wanted to continue it's original goal & expand upon it, so he created Vengeance Comics with the goal of being a venue were writers & artists of dark or Gothic stories could freely submit there simi-Crow & non-Crow related works to be published, either only online for others to see, or else in print format for others to buy, in which they would get paid any earning from the sales.

Jack Danya Kemplin loves C3 & wishes it & the people involved with it well. May both continue on in their mission, & perhaps one day meet again.
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Is VC willing to reunite with C3 again?

Definitely Yes! Vengeance Comics is 100% willing & yearning to one day reunite with it's beloved C3 once more, With no catches nor requirements on C3's part.

In fact we would like to take this moment to let it be known that we hereby give C3 full permission to use our art & stories on there website as they wish & see fit without need to ask prier permission, even without any merger or even notice of the adding of material. This writing right here is the permission given to C3.

C3 we all here love you guys & our only goal is to help further your mission & goal & help out & support you as best we can.


Jack Danya Kemplin

& Vengeance Comics.

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