Mission Statement

      Vengeance Comics was created to keep alive the original goal that Ty Gorton set out for C3-Collective Crow Comics. Ty's original goal was to have C3 become a place were quality Crow inspired comics would be released online monthly if possible. Vengeance Comic also wishes to try & achieve a later goal that Ty had for his old website & that was to create a place were people could submit other material of a dark manner similar to, but unrelated to The Crow.

      Vengeance Comics also wishes to fulfill a longtime goal & yearning that Jack always had for C3, & that is to make available print on demand copies of the material that they release, paying royalties were they are do.

      Vengeance Comics is not set out to replace the wonderful thing that C3 is/was, but to continue it's glory & honor it as best as it can well adding to the amazing universe that it started.

      Vengeance Comics is eager to grow, & more then thankful for any & all support from you the readers & creators. If you would like to help contribute or promote Vengeance Comics some of the ways you can do so is by:

  • Contributing your material to us by e-mailing your work to us at vc@jackkemplin.com & include your:

    • name so we can credit you
    • mailing address so we may give you royalties if earned
    • what category your submission falls under
    • attached contribution to us as completed as possible
    • & any other information you think we should have.
      • Please note that we will do a submissions standards quality control reviewing of your work & will get back to you on it's release status or lack there of as soon as possible (though don't worry we are not perfectionists & most submissions will be accepted).
  • By spreading the word by means of word of mouth, message board postings, links, or whatever.

  • By joining our Message Board & posting at the Vengeance Comics forum.

We hope to serve all to everyone's enjoyment, thank you.


Jack Danya Kemplin

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